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Latest News

November 24th 2018
Bey wins Best of Variety Semi Longhair Adult at the Colourpoint, Rex-Coated and AOV Club show.

October 6th 2018
Zahra wins Best in Show at the Turkish Van Cat Club Show. Bey wins Best Adult, and also gains his third GCC to become a Grand Champion.

September 25th 2018
Amelie gives birth to her first litter! She had 5 kittens although sadly 2 of them did not survive. Dad is Bey. See pictures here.

December 16th 2017
At the Maidstone & Medway Cat Club Show, Bey wins his third CC to become a GCCF Champion, whilst Zahra wins her third GPC to become a Grand Premier. Well done both!

October 7th 2017
Bey wins Best in Show at the Turkish Van Cat Club Show

November 13th 2016
At his first TICA show, Bey wins two all-breed finals to become an overnight Champion!

October 22nd 2016
Taomi wins her second UK Grand Certificate at the 2016 Supreme Cat Show. She is now a UK & Imperial Grand Champion!

October 1st 2016
Brianne wins overall Best in Show at the 2016 Turkish Van Cat Club Show! Amelie wins Best Kitten.



Featured Photo


Zahra, posing with her "Best in Show" winnings at the 2018 Turkish Van Cat Club Show


Kitten Update

June 2019
Announcement: After some consideration we have decided that we will not be breeding any more kittens. We have been breeding for over 20 years, but all good things must come to an end!

September 25th 2018
Amelie has 5 kittens, although only 3 survive. All are now booked.

February 2nd 2017
All of Amber's kittens are now reserved.

December 17th 2016
Amber has given birth to her first litter. She has two kittens! Click here for pictures.

September 2016
All of Taomi's and Brianne's kittens are now reserved. We hope to have more kittens in early 2017.

June 12th 2016
Brianne has her first litter. She has two auburn kittens and two cream kittens, sired by Bey. Pictures here.

June 7th 2016
Taomi has her second litter. She has two auburn kittens and one cream kitten, sired by Bey. Pictures here.



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